Miximals Childrens' Clothing Line

(Also note I designed all the Miximals logos and created the original illustrations for them.)

I created the concept of Miximals for a children’s clothing company. The brand centers on mixing and matching clothing that resembles different parts of different animals. The tags slide open and closed so the viewer can have fun moving animal tops and bottoms apart and together again.

Miximals In-Store Concepts and Displays

Miximals Shopping Bags and In-Store Graphics

The environmental look and feel will create a playful brand appeal.

Miximals Environmental Ad: Elevator Design

Miximals Environmental Ad Design

Environmental ads are designed to be placed in a setting where consumers can interact with them. This ad concept for elevator doors emphasizes playfulness of the Miximals brand.

Atomic Charge Energy Drinks

Atomic Charge Energy Drinks

This brand concept is for an energy drink that is natural and flavored with juice not from concentrate

Atomic Charge Energy Fruit Juice Logo, Letterhead & Business Card

Atomic Charge logo design, business card, letterhead, and stationary design concepts.