Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro


Microraptor Video

This video describes microraptor biology, paleontology and its context to drawing, painting, and animating microraptor. I did video recording, editing, original microraptor drawing, and 2D microraptor animation, and took the photograph depicting both microraptor toys.

Brain Buffet Snowboarding Interview

I made a selection out of a collection of video clips provided for the assignment and compiled them together to create this video of an interview. Cut scenes and music are used strategically to make the video more engaging.

Ad for On the Level Carpentry & General Building Contractor

I did all of the filming, editing, voice and sound recording for this video. I created the background wood texture at the end of the video from scratch in Photoshop.

Joe's Construction Cruisers

I selected clips from provided videos, clipped, and edited them together to create a video compilation that synced with music. The company's logo was sized and digitally enhanced to be viewable in the lower left throughout the video.