Harry Llama

Comedian Harry Llama's Social Media Website

Widgets and API Mashups are utilized to integrate interactive social media features into Comedian Harry Llama's Website.
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Drawing Dinosaurs

Drawing Dinosaurs
JavaScript Site

Drawing Dinosaurs is an educational website about dinosaurs and how to draw them. Includes hand-coded interactive JavaScript features.
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Desktop Wireframes
Tablet Wireframes
Mobile Wireframes

Low-Fidelity Wireframes

Three versions of wireframe mockups of homepage and interior pages: one for desktop view, one for mobile and one for tablet view. Wireframes created using Balsamiq.

Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply Graphics

I designed custom graphics for this e-commerce website when I worked at Razoyo (a web development company). The website was build by a team of developers building e-commerce sites with Magento CMS.
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Glacier Peak Mountaintop Resort Comp

Designed logo, branding, and layouts for pages. A large photo was used as the focus on the homepage to emphasize the beauty of the resort.

Sleek Furniture Shop Comp

A minimalist text based logo and design were implemented to create a modern look and feel. The colors are warm and inviting to customers.